Toucher & Rich

BOSTON (CBS) — If you’ve been on Twitter for the past few weeks, then you know that the NHL 15 cover vote hashtags are unavoidable.

Rich Shertenlieb has seen about a million of the hashtags promoting Patrice Bergeron to be on the cover of the game.

The message?


For the love of all that is holy. Stop. Please.

On Friday morning’s show, Rich shared a story from Awful Announcing, which explained how the Twitter vote doesn’t really mean anything. The folks at Awful Announcing dug up this bit from EA’s rules:

“Sponsor will consider the voting results when choosing the NHL player to be featured on the cover of the NHL 15 video games, but Sponsor will not be obligated to abide by such results in making its decision.”

Rich, who’s been bombarded by people asking him to retweet “#NHL15Bergeron” and has been accused of not liking the Bruins for his refusal to share the hashtag, has had enough.

“We need to talk, all right?” Rich said. “This whole voting to find out who’s on the cover is a scam. Your votes mean nothing. It’s already been decided who’s going to be on the cover.”

Rich then went on to say the Bruins’ and Canadiens’ official Twitter accounts have been tough to follow during this voting process.

“I want to tell you guys this, because I want you to stop. Not only is it filling all the timelines for everyone, but I want you to know that what you’re doing doesn’t matter,” Rich said very calmly, before bursting. “It’s a scam! Stop tweeting me! Stop yelling at me for not retweeting and questioning my fandom because I’m not retweeting your stupid #NHL15Bergeron! It doesn’t matter! It just. Doesn’t. Matter!

“You have become a sucker to one of the best online marketing scams that I have seen in a long time,” Rich added. “Please stop sending those tweets our way. Thank you.”

Fred Toucher had the perfect retort.

“But I want Bergeron to be on the cover. Because it’d be great,” Fred deadpanned. “I want him to be on the cover of the video game.”

It brings up a good point — What’s it matter if Bergeron is on the cover of the video game?

“You could just say, ‘Look, I like this player. He’s on the cover of the video game.’ And then the summer just glides by. You’ve already accomplished enough,” Fred said sarcastically. “I don’t want P.K. Subban on the cover because I don’t like him. Because then if he’s on the cover, then everyone’s going to be like, ‘Ohhhh, he’s the best, instead of Bergeron, who I think is the best.”

“How does it change your life in any way?” Rich asked. “You get to look at another picture of Patrice Bergeron?”

“Why don’t you just take a picture of Patrice Bergeron and glue it to the game?” Fred said. “I didn’t even know it was a scam. I just thought it was funny that adults cared if he was on the cover of a game.”


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