BOSTON (CBS) – On the latest addition of Keefer Madness, Rich Keefe recognizes Miyo Koba, an 89-year-old woman who fought off a robber using a golf club.

Koba has been a store owner in her Washington state community for 60 years, so she wasn’t about to let her hard earned dollars run off with a man in dark glasses and a ski mask.

The robber flashed a 3-foot long sword, an altercation ensued and Koba was pushed to the ground by the suspected robber, where she picked up a golf club and started swinging.

“He was not prepared for the owner of the store to have some fight in her,” said Keefe.

The man fleed on a bicycle and made it off with the register but was unable to open it.

Koba, who weighs no more than 125 pounds, was able to retrieve her register later on when police found it alongside the suspect’s clothes with all the money still inside. It is an ongoing investigation.

Keefe thinks the robber still has some work to do — not exactly a superb job.

“This guy comes in with a sword and tries to rob an 89-year-old lady. He can barely make it off with the till, he has to rip off the thing, takes off on a BMX bike. He ditches the sword, all of his clothes and the till,” said Keefe.

Here’s the KREM-2 news story:

Listen below:



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