BOURNE (CBS) – Reported incidents of child enticement on a popular phone and tablet messaging app have caught the attention of a local police department.

Bourne police are warning parents they have seen a significant increase in child enticement reports on KIK Messenger service.

KIK Messenger is similar to Snapchat in that it allows users to send messages, videos and images to each other. KIK messages are deleted after 48 hours.

Bourne police warn the app is popular with teenagers, and has become a target for pedophiles.

“It makes it difficult for parents to see what’s going on because the messages are self-destructed or able to be deleted easily,” said Bourne Sgt. Brandon Esip. “Unfortunately predators are using this service knowing they can send these messages back and knowing there is a limited ability for law enforcement to track those conversations.”

They emphasize that parents should monitor their kids’ usage.


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