BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz is the ultimate embodiment of Jekyll and Hyde, great one start and terrible the next. Lately it’s been more terrible than great, as evidenced by his 7.02 earned run average.

In his most recent start, one where he failed to make it out of the fourth inning after allowing six earned runs and eight walks, Buchholz complained afterwards of the 84-degree heat and exhaustion from having to run to first base following a single in his lone at-bat.

Manager John Farrell compounded the excuse making and told the media that Buchholz lost seven pounds and hyper-extended his knee during the course of his Memorial Day start.

It’s fair to call Clay soft for all his petty injuries and bad excuses, but maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way.

He not only had to pitch in scorching heat, but he also ran 90-feet to first base, lost seven pounds and hurt his knee in the process — knowing that, making it through three innings let alone a quality start, proves Buchholz is not some weakling.

He is a warrior.

And every warrior is deserving of a tribute song.

Well, Rich went into the studio and produced another classic parody song: “Clay Buchholz Is The Best Around” based off the Karate Kid theme.

Listen below!



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