Game Of Jones on The Adam Jones Show

BOSTON (CBS) — It was an over/under Tuesday on The Adam Jones Shows’ “Game of Jones.”

In this edition, Jones and Rich Keefe go Over/Under with the following topics:

Total number of starts by Clay Buchholz this season – 16

“I’m going to go over, but I don’t feel good about it,” said Jones. “Last year he tweaked his neck when his kid slept on it weird, and I was like ‘that won’t be a long, significant injury..’ Nope, wrong. That had him out for boderline the entire season, to the point where he was still struggling in the postseason and we were applauding him for making it through five innings.

“I will go over. I’m not saying he’s going to be good, but I do think he makes more starts than last year, because I don’t think he’s hurt. I think this is a made-up injury because he’s not right, but I will take the over on him making more than six starts the rest of the year.”

Number of games Jerry Remy will broadcast the rest of the season – 55

Number of games left in Blackhawks-Kings Western Conference Final series – 2.5

“I hate to count [the Blackhawks] out, but I’m going to say under,” said Jones. “I can’t see the Kings losing three-straight even against a team like a two-time Cup champion in the Chicago Blackhawks. Maybe it takes the Kings a few games, but I don’t think we see a Game 7.”

Number of wins by Team USA in the World Cup – 1

“I’m not going to take a push, because that’s the easy way out. They’re a heck of a lot closer to the under than the over… so for that reason I’m going to go under,” said Jones. “I’m not sure they’re going to beat Portugal, I’m pretty sure they’re not going to beat Germany, and Ghana is the team that has knocked them out of the last two World Cups.”

How many dollars the L.A. Clippers will sell for – $2 billion

“I’ll go over,” said Jones. “It’s a team in Los Angeles, it’s a team with a lot of star-power and on the right track, and the location in this case matters.”

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