flagsBostonCommonGood Morning on this Memorial Day 2014. Let us not forget that it is a holiday for us to honor and remember the men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. It is a solemn and emotional day for many many Americans. It brings to mind the often-thought of poignant song, “Goodnight Saigon”, by the brilliant singer and song writer Billy Joel. The picture displayed here was taken today by my colleague, Eric Fisher. It reveals the Garden of Flags- all 37,000 that are planted each year on the Boston Common  in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument to commemorate each Massachusetts service member who has given his or her life to defend our nation and our freedom since the Revolutionary War. The flags will be removed after sundown today.

The weather will turn out more summery today especially along the coast where it has been quite cool recently. Thanks to a wind blowing at 12-25 mph from the land to the sea, warm air will flow eastward to the beaches. The tide will be high a few minutes after 10 am and low just before 4:30 pm. The temperatures will rise to the lower 80s with a few spots closer to 84-85 with 68-75 on much of Cape Cod despite considerable cloudiness over the region in the morning. There could even be a few spotty showers in the morning with sunnier weather setting in during the afternoon. The pollen count remains high.

hailDudleyI am not expecting a repeat of the thunderstorm activity that took place yesterday. Thankfully, there were only a handful of severe storms focused in a north-south axis of action from the center of NH down to near and west of the I-495 corridor in MA. Several communities received a 15-30 minute spell of pelting hail stones ranging in size from peas to damaging golf balls. I thank everyone for taking the time to send me photos and videos of the nasty storms and the associated fascinating cloudscapes. The WBZ Weather Team would be pleased to receive your pictures as well at weather@cbsboston.com. While this was happening to the west, most folks in eastern MA including Cape Cod were enjoying a beautiful bright sunny afternoon with hardly a cloud in the sky! High temperatures ranged from 60-65 at the coast to 70-75 inland.





may9clash3 Memorial Day 2014Tuesday will turn out to be quite an interesting day of changeable weather. One of Boston’s famous “backdoor cold fronts” will slam the region in the afternoon as it backs in from the ocean. It will start out warm over 60 degrees early in the day and warm up to 73-76 by midday before the shifting wind produces tumbling temperatures of 15-20 degrees starting in ME before dawn then on the NH/Essex County coastline by 11am then into Boston from noon to 1pm to the western suburbs by 2pm. An upper level disturbance in the northwest flow aloft could ignite some rock em sock em storms especially in central MA westward in the afternoon. After that, Wednesday will be gloomy and misty with a raw northeast to easterly wind in the morning with perhaps some breaks in the low clouds developing in the afternoon. It will only be in the middle to upper 50s! Warmer weather returns next weekend.

Danielle Niles will be delivering weathercasts on WBZ News this morning and midday and Eric Fisher will follow later in the day. I look forward to taking my traveling weather show to the Old Post Road School in East Walpole and the Forest Avenue School in Hudson this week.

Have a happy and safe holiday!


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