BOSTON (CBS) — On this Memorial Day the Army is highlighting one of the ways military survivors can make others aware of their sacrifice – they’re called Gold Star pins.

They are small lapel pins that have a powerful meaning – helping keep the memory of fallen soldiers front and center. One Gold Star wife who rode her motorcycle from Texas to Washington is leading the charge to bring attention to the pins and those who wear them.

Donna Engeman wants more Americans to know about Gold Star lapel pins.

“This is the symbol of what we lost and nobody knows,” Engeman said.

She is working to increase awareness about the pins– that signify the loss of loved ones serving the nation. Engeman’s husband John was killed in Iraq in 2006.

The Army recently launched public service announcements that are helping the pins get noticed.

The Army is also using social media to help raise awareness – families are invited to share images of their loved ones on their Facebook page. To learn more, visit




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