By Katie Brace

LEXINGTON (CBS) – Two people are facing charges following alleged threats posted on social media that were aimed at students and staff members at Lexington High School.

Myles Penniman, 20, of Lexington, and a juvenile from Belmont were both arrested on Thursday off campus.

Both were charged with threatening a school and disrupting a school. Both were held in jail overnight. They will be arraigned on Friday – Penniman in Concord District Court and the juvenile in Framingham Juvenile Court.

Details of the threat were not immediately made public. School officials did report that they enacted emergency response protocols, notified parents and contacted police upon learning of the possible threat.

Students said at around 1 p.m. an announcement was made over the P.A. system that there was a threat. Students and staff were dismissed early from school and the campus was closed for the day. People at the school were told to leave via a particular street where officers were stationed.

Lexington High’s classes and activities will return to their regular schedule on Friday.

WBZ-TV’s Katie Brace contributed to this report. Follow her on Twitter @KatieBraceWBZ.



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