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Keefer Madness: Man Suing Stripper Over Harry Potter DVDs

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(Photo credit: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

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BOSTON (CBS) —  On the latest “Keefer Madness,” Rich Keefe investigates a man who is suing a woman to get his Harry Potter DVDs back.

Also, this woman is a stripper.

A 32-year-old Houston man claims he was dating this woman, named Nomi, but things did not end well and now he’s having a hard time getting some of this stuff back.

The gentleman claims he loaned her over $2,000, a laptop and some DVDs. After Nomi refused to return these items, he decided to sue.

Nomi claims these were gifts, and claims she can’t give back what she “loaned” him.

“I loaned him things too. How do I get my bootie and boobs back?” she said in the news report. “There are no refunds in a strip club.”

Making the story even more interesting: The DVDs he’s trying to get back are the entire Harry Potter collection.

But this story should just be a warning to faithful listeners.

“We tend to be educational when it comes to ‘Keefer Madness,'” said Adam Jones. “Don’t loan a stripper your money, and it’s frowned upon to try and create any sort of layaway plan at a strip club.”

Keefer Madness: Man Sues Stripper Over Harry Potter DVDs

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