BOSTON (CBS) — It was no fun watching the Celtics lose 57 games last season, and it wasn’t much fun to watch them land the sixth pick in the upcoming draft for those efforts.

All season long Felger and Massarotti were on the “Tankapalooza” bandwagon in hopes of getting the highest pick possible, but that didn’t work out. Now they’re hoping the Celtics can use the pick to acquire a veteran player (cough, Kevin Love) to play alongside Rajon Rondo, laying the groundwork for a potential contender in the next two or three years.

But something Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck said on the show Wednesday afternoon has the Felger worried.

“If we can’t do something transformative or exciting for a veteran this summer, and we’ll certainly be looking, obviously we’re going to start playing the kids,” said Grousbeck. “That’s what we did from 2003-2007, and it wasn’t that easy to do.”

“People stuck with us (then) and we’re basically on that same path,” said Grousbeck.

Does this mean the Celtics are prepared for “Tankapalooza: Part 2” if it comes to that? Felger says he can’t take another lottery season out of the C’s (though at least they’ll be able to use that awesome theme song again), but Marc Bertrand says they may have no other choice.

“You said it to them, ‘it takes two to tango.’ What if they can’t get a deal done — you can’t put it all on them,” said Beetle. “Would you rather have them sign older veterans and try to add five or six more wins to their win total? Forget it. If you’re going to suck, suck and play the kids. Do it right.

“From a fan’s standpoint that’s difficult to deal with on a weekly and nightly basis, but in terms of getting to where they actually want to be this is the best way out,” said Beetle. “So if they have to do it again, I’m OK with that. They understand what it takes in that league. You have to have assets and continue to build them.”

Beetle also noted that from 2003-07, the Celtics made the playoffs twice and there were really only two very bad, Tankapolooza-esq years.

Mazz also has another theory on Wyc’s comments.

“He might be saying that because, in discussions with other teams, they have to give the appearance they are committed to going into a rebuild again,” said Mazz. “Otherwise you sort of undermine your own trade leverage.”

Mazz also added that if the Celtics can’t acquire a Kevin Love or a second all-star, they should trade Rajon Rondo for more future assets.



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