By Sera Congi, WBZ-TV

LOWELL (CBS) – Holding a towel over his right eye Tuesday morning, 11-year-old Nicholas Desanogueira described to WBZ-TV what happened when he and his friends unknowingly found a homemade bottle bomb on a Lowell street Monday afternoon.

“I was walking with my friends, there was a bottle on the floor. One of my friends picked it up and they saw it fizzing and they threw it and it exploded,” he said.

Nicholas was taking a short cut home when he went passed the O’Connell School Monday.

He does not believe he was the target of the bomb.

“Like I just blinked, a big explosion and it was all in my face,” he said.

The fifth-grader suffered chemical burns to his cornea.

His father Djair said they have to flush out the eye regularly, but doctors at Boston Medical Center told them Nicholas should be fine.

“It could be a lot worse,” Djair told WBZ.

Lowell police arrested one juvenile and others are being investigated.

Desanogueira feels sorry for the suspect, who he believes is the same age as his son. But, he thinks the boy did not act alone.

“What I don’t understand is how he can get a hold of the materials to buy or to get. Pretty sure he got some help,” he said.

Nicholas is now relaxing while he recovers and his father said he even joked about not having to do any homework.

But Nicholas said he’s anxious to feel better.

“Better than yesterday, but I’d like to have no pain at all,” he said.



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