BOSTON (CBS) – When news came out Sunday morning that the Celtics were primed to make a run at Minnesota’s Kevin Love, fans rejoiced and gained hope that this rebuild would be quicker than previously thought.

But CSNNE’s Mike Gorman just doesn’t see it happening, and he explained why Tuesday morning on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich program.

“Love is a terrific player. There’s no question about that. You’d be hard pressed to find nine other players better in the league, so you’ve gotta say he’s a top 10 player,” said Gorman.

That’s the good.

Now get ready for the bad.

“The thing I’ve always heard about Kevin Love is that he wants to go back to Los Angeles and he wants to play, after five years or however long it’s been in Minnesota, in a warm weather climate. That kind of eliminates us here in Boston.

“He also says, because he’s never made the playoffs, he wants to go to a team that’s gonna be in the playoffs right away. That would be optimistic. You’d like to see the Celtics in the playoffs next year, but when you had 25 wins or whatever it was this year I’m not thinking you’re gonna make that big of a jump of 20 wins necessary to make the playoffs.

“On that sense I don’t think it backs up that Kevin Love will come here,” said Gorman.

That’s the bad.

Now get ready for some good again.

“[Celtics President] Danny Ainge has been able to pull off deals and make things happen before. I would never bet against Danny,” said Gorman.

One more bad (sorry).

“I don’t think the Kevin Love thing is going to happen. … This is just me talking, and I have no inside information, but I think it all depends on how these balls bounce later tonight. If the Celtics get in the top 3, I think the tendency would be to take one of those guys and start building with them. If the Celtics stay at no. 5, or god forbid slip to no. 6 or 7, then I think they’ll package with these other draft choices.”

Listen below for the full discussion, including Gorman’s take on Aussie PG Dante Exum and much more:


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