BOSTON (CBS) — On the latest “Keefer Madness,” Rich Keefe discusses a trio of stories to hit the airwaves.

Keefe starts off with some good news, updating listeners on the whole Casey Kasem situation from the other night. The iconic DJ was missing and his family feared his wife was taking him out of the country. But shortly after Keefer Madness took the case, Kasem was found in Washington — on vacation.

Then Keefe and Adam Jones move on to former Patriots wide-receiver Reche Caldwell, who was arrested in Tampa on Tuesday for selling ecstasy. Caldwell reportedly signed for a USPS package that had nearly five points of MDMA — the pure form of ecstacy that is better known as “Molly.”

“That wasn’t his end-zone face, that was his ‘whoops, I just dropped a pass in the AFC Championship game face,'” Jones joked about Caldwell’s mugshot.

Caldwell was also arrested earlier this year for trying to run an illegal gambling ring.

“Keep and eye on that one,” said Jones.

Last but not least, Keefe and Jones hit on a story about a 31-year-old woman posing as a high school student — for an entire year! After breaking down the details, the duo discuss what going back to high school would be like as they close out another epic edition of “Keefer Madness.”



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