BOSTON (CBS) – With a full five-hour show on Tuesday night, Adam Jones had plenty of time to play a little Over/Under on Game of Jones.

In this edition, Jones and Rich Keefe go Over/Under with the following topics:

Amount of total goals in Bruins-Canadiens Game 7: 5

“I expect a low scoring game. If you’re gonna find a comparable game I think it’s going to be more like Game 4, maybe not 0-0 going into overtime, but low scoring, not a lot of penalties and maybe even a little tentative. I think it’s going to be under five goals, maybe like a 2-1 game or something like that,” said Jones.

Number of power plays for Montreal in Game 7: 2.5

“I will say over. I think they’re gonna get like three or four. That’s where they’ll get their goals Wednesday night. However I don’t think the referees will be a huge part of the storyline,” said Jones.

“There’s no Joey Crawford out there who’s going to make it all about himself — so that’s good,” joked Rich Keefe.

Number of quarterbacks on the Patriots week 1 roster: 2.5

“I’m gonna say under. I think they’re gonna trade Ryan Mallett,” said Jones. “I think at some point if the Patriots can get something for him they’d be smart to trade him.”

Number of games left for Paul Pierce in a Nets uniform: 1.5

“I’m gonna say over, and it’s not because I think he signs with them again next year — I think Brooklyn wins in Miami in Game 5. I thought it would be a long and drawn out series for Miami, and it hasn’t been that way yet but it has been difficult. I think Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have an answer and will win Game 5. I think they’ll at least get to a Game 6,” said Jones.

Number of junior hockey team mentions by Pierre McGuire next game: 30.5

“Inside The Glass” reporter Pierre McGuire loves making nonsensical references to junior hockey teams, will he have over or under 30.5 mentions Wednesday night for Bruins-Canadiens?

“Over. I can’t imagine if it’s just going to be him and Doc [Emrick] that he’ll be able to control himself,” said Jones.

“That’s only 10 per period. He does two or three in one reference! Thirty seems aggressive, but it’s not aggressive,” joked Keefe.

Listen below for their answers and leave us yours in the comments section below:



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