BOSTON (CBS) – The Bruins skated and dominated their way through the regular season and amassed the best record in all the NHL. Now they’re on the brink of elimination against their arch rivals in a do-or-die Game 7.

Isn’t playoff hockey the greatest?

Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak kicked off their show pumped up for Wednesday night’s deciding contest.

“This is what you live for. My nerves are in a bunch today. My stomach is tied up, but I love that because I’m excited. That’s an exciting feeling for me. It takes me back to my playing days. You live for these types of days. You live for game day. The Bruins must be so jacked up — I don’t know how they slept last night,” said Zolak.

“I don’t have any of those feelings yet at all, and it doesn’t mean I’m not nervous, but I’ve got supreme confidence in this team for this Game 7 at home,” said Gresh.

A lot is riding on tonight’s game — not only the right to advance to the next round, but validating your Presidents’ Trophy winning season.

“This is where you prove the season wasn’t a bit of a mirage. If they lose this game tonight you’re gonna look at this season as a hell of a lot closer to a failure than a success. But if they win tonight, it continues to validate the way they do things here.

“This is the moment this Bruins team seems to thrive in. It’s the drama. It’s the passion. It’s the pomp and circumstance. They’ve been here before. They’ve done it. They’ve done it at home, on the road — it’s fair to expect this team will not spit the bit tonight,” said Gresh.

Zolak then issued a personal challenge to the team, and lastly the fans.

“This is it tonight. Game 7 playoff hockey. Everything is on the line. You lose you go home. There is nothing better than that. We are so lucky to have another one today in our town tonight. You’ve got to go and take it. You can’t go through the motions like you did two nights ago. You gotta go out and play Bruins hockey.”

For the fans, Zo said, “Go out there and make [the TD Garden] electric. You set the tone as fans. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets to this game do your part. Don’t think it doesn’t matter.”

Listen below for the full discussion:



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