By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

BOW, NH (CBS) – Surveillance video on a homeowner’s property captured two bulldogs going after a black bear in Bow, New Hampshire.

The bear was enjoying a snack at a birdfeeder when the dogs came charging after it.

The dogs, named Lola and Comma, scared off the bear after a brief joust and the bear went back into the woods.

“When a bear comes out of hibernation in the spring time they are hungry,” said Becky Suomala, a biologist with the New Hampshire Audubon. “They are looking for food.”

Experts say backyard birdfeeders should have been taken down by April 1st to prevent bears from coming into neighborhoods.

“Bird feeders are very attractive because sunflower seed, which is what most people feed birds, is high in protein,” said Suomala. “So for bears it’s a great food.”

Fish and Game officials says it’s dangerous for bears to be fed.

“You’re not doing the bear any good,” said Andy Timmins of New Hampshire Fish and Game.

Black bears are typically afraid of humans and dogs, although female bears with cubs can be aggressive.

The homeowner says her dogs were so startled by the bear that they broke through a porch railing to go after it.



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