Gresh & Zolak's No Huddle

BOSTON (CBS) – It was a special NFL Draft edition of the ‘No Huddle’ Thursday afternoon, as Andy Gresh, Scott Zolak and Hardy go around the league discussing a variety of topics.

Is Johnny Manziel really #1 on the Cowboys draft board?

ESPN’s Todd McShay has heard from a number of people that if the Texas A&M quarterback is still sitting there at no. 16 then the Dallas Cowboys would take him. Owner/president/general manager Jerry Jones has a penchant for making big splashes in the draft, so this news comes as no surprise to the show hosts.

“What they have in Tony Romo is $43 million of untradeable, unmovable dead money. He can’t be cut and he can’t be traded. Why would you draft Johnny Manziel at no. 16? But they’re the Cowboys. They’ll still do it,” said Zolak.

“If you’re [head coach] Jason Garrett don’t you go home to your wife everyday and say, ‘Woah, you’re never going to believe this one…’ — he’s gonna have a hell of a book one day,” joked Gresh. “Jason Garrett’s therapist must be rich.”

Former Cowboys coach and NFL Hall Of Famer Bill Parcells wonders about Johnny Manziel’s commitment level.

Bill Parcells went on Rich Gannon’s radio show and talked about how all players coming into the league want to be the star, but don’t understand, or aren’t ready for the work that comes with it.

This struck a chord with Zolak.

“How would Parcells really say that?” asked Hardy.

“‘We need to find out if you’re more interested in playing ball, or being The Zo,'” responded Zolak.

Better player 5 years from now: South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney or Buffalo LB Khalil Mack?

“I’m gonna go with Clowney,” said Zo. “I just think that pound for pound, size for size he’s the best player in the draft. Somehow they got to find a way to harness it and get that out of him, because the kid takes plays off.”

“I think it’s gonna be Clowney only because there’s a higher ceiling. As crazy as it sounds, Jadeveon Clowney is a freak of nature and there’s room for his game to grow. Khalil Mack is going to get a little bit better and Clowney has the chance to be a lot better. Mack is close to a finished product. Clowney is a finished product too, but you can water the seed and watch it grow,” said Gresh.

Better QB 5 years from now: Johnny Manziel or Geno Smith?

“Oh god. They’re both going to be out of the league,” said Gresh. “Both will be out of the league. Five years. We can roll this out, god willing, in five years come draft time and check the tape.”

Zolak said simply, “Manziel.”

Listen below for the full segment:



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