By Sera Congi, WBZ-TV

HAVERHILL (CBS) – A Haverhill mother is recovering from surgery after jumping from a burning building with her son in her arms.

Christina Simoes was with 18-month-old Camron when fire broke out in their apartment building on Wednesday afternoon.

The flames spread quickly in the hallway, trapping Simois in the apartment.

“The apartment started to fill with smoke,” said Camron’s father, Tyler Strangman. “So she had to make a decision to go.”

Simoes jumped from a second story balcony, clutching Camron. The fall broke a bone in her back, but her grasp of the boy protected him.

He only suffered a bruise on his forehead.

“It’s amazing… Wouldn’t put it past her. I wouldn’t put it past any mom,” Strangman said.

Strangman says Simoes underwent a long surgery late Wednesday night, but has only been concerned about Camron, brushing off all the praise.

“In a life or death situation, you do what you have to,” said Camron’s Aunt, Shawna Strangman. “She definitely stepped up to the plate and took care of her baby.”

Strangman, Simoes and Camron are among the 18 families who were left homeless by the fire. The cause is still under investigation.



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