LEOMINSTER (CBS) – Leominster police say they know the driver who hit a teenager, left him injured in the road and took off earlier this week.

Joshua Carillo, 16, was on a bike when he was struck by a car on Route 12 Monday night. He ended up with two broken legs.

Joshua Carillo in the hospital. (Family photo)

Joshua Carillo in the hospital. (Family photo)

“I’m told (the driver) ran right over him and that the bicycle became lodged into the motor vehicle,” Police Lt. Michael Goldman told WBZ-TV.

The bike a Leominster teen was on when he was hit May 5. (WBZ-TV)

The bike a Leominster teen was on when he was hit May 5. (WBZ-TV)

Goldman say the driver travelled for about a mile with Joshua’s bike pinned underneath the car before finally dislodging it.

Police say they found the Honda, with gouges underneath, and seized it late Wednesday night.

There have been no arrests and police have not released the driver’s name at this point in the investigation.

Police say media coverage of the incident led to a tip from a relative of the suspect.

The relative claimed the driver called her Monday night asking for help after hitting a curb and blowing two blown tires.

“(She) put two and two together and I think (she) acutally said ‘I’m convinced it was him.'” Lt. Goldman said.

Police won’t name the driver but say he’s a 34-year-old married father of three.  They added that the car isn’t registered to him and he does not have a valid driver’s license.

Investigators said there’s been no arrest because they still need more evidence.

“His story is not consistent, but we want to get a search warrant for the phone and forensics on the bike,” Lt. Goldman told reporters.

Police expect that forensic testing to take weeks or months.

If there’s an arrest, the driver will face a misdemeanor for the leaving the scene of an accident.  However, he could be charged with a felony for property damage.




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