BOSTON (CBS) – After allowing just six goals in five games in the first round against Detroit, your Boston Bruins look like a completely different team in round two against Montreal.

The Canadiens have exposed some chinks in the Bruins armor, specifically on defense, and through three games have surged to an incredible 11 goals — four of them coming via the power play.

This sieve-in-the-sand defense by the Bruins has to stop if they’re expecting to advance. Missed assignments, lack of communication and inability to clear guys out in front of the net has really cost the B’s so far.

This led into a discussion about veteran defenseman Dennis Seidenberg (knee), who thinks he’s ready to return.

This has Andy Gresh thinking maybe the ACL/MCL tear in his right knee wasn’t as bad as we originally thought.

“There are different degrees of tears. Something tells me — and I could be dead wrong, he might be freaking Superman — something tells me that the ACL may not have been a full, complete tear for him to be back this quickly and for [the Bruins] to even be entertaining the thought that he might get cleared at some point,” said Gresh.

When Bruins president Cam Neely didn’t rule out a Seidenberg return back in March on Felger & Massarotti, many felt like the only way he’d be back was for the Stanley Cup Finals — just given the timeline of the injury and what not.

Fellow blueliner Johnny Boychuk acknowledges Game 4 is a “must-win” but are the Bruins really in panic mode yet?

Regardless of Seidenberg’s perceived readiness, Scott Zolak says if you’re the Bruins you don’t break the emergency glass just yet.

“Obviously the guy is in great shape. He skates everyday, they work with him off the ice — but the shifts, the burning in your legs waiting for the next guy to come out of the game. . . I would not chance Seidenberg. He says, ‘I think I can go.’ But if you don’t know you can go, you don’t go. This type of series? Against this team?” said Zolak.

Sean McAdam is more known for his baseball expertise, but the veteran reporter is an astute observer of the National Hockey League and the Boston Bruins as well.

McAdam joined Gresh and Zo in studio on Thursday and he weighed in too:

“I don’t see any way you see him before the Stanley Cup Finals, and even then I think it’s a long shot. Remember, the Bruins have a lot invested in this guy too. They have a long-term deal here and they have to ask about the risk and reward here. It’d be great to have him in the [Stanley Cup] Finals, but do we really want to rush a guy back for four, five or six games?”

Do the Bruins need Dennis Seidenberg back right now? Or can they weather the storm in this series without him?

Listen below for the full discussion:



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