PEABODY (CBS) — Three men are under arrest charged with running what police call “sophisticated” marijuana grow operations in two Peabody homes.

During a search, officers found several firearms and an explosive device.” HazMat was also called to the home to secure items until further investigation could be done.

Justin Damico, 21, John Damico, 35, and Joseph Damico, 44, all of Peabody, were arrested and charged with a lengthy list of drug violations, including possession with intent to distribute, possession of an infernal machine and feeding device and violating drug laws.

Justin and John Damico were licensed to carry firearms. The guns were confiscated pending investigation and their licenses have been suspected.

A second Marijuana Grow was found in operation on Winona Street, the home of one of the suspects. Officers searched the residence and located marijuana plants that were in various stages of growth in two bedrooms and outside the home.

In total, approximately 500 plants were confiscated during the combined seizures, potentially having a “street value” totaling in excess of  $500,000, according to Peabody Police.




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