rainbow 5-4While none are expected today, a few rainbows appeared yesterday afternoon into the early evening as a few spotty showers migrated across the region. A couple cells contained tiny to pea-sized hailstones amidst some brief downpours but many locations remained dry or just encountered a quick sprinkle. The main attraction was the gusty wind at times exceeding 40 mph which added some chill to the air. Although it will be breezy today, it will be less harsh with a few spikes to 20-25 mph. The atmosphere will be more stable today but some patches of passing clouds and an isolated spritz cannot be ruled out as temperatures climb to the lower 60s except upper 50s to near 60 over the Worcester hills. These temperatures are typical for the first week of May and they will be repeated tomorrow with a bump higher to the middle and possibly upper 60s farther inland on Wednesday when a sezbreeze will restrict coastal readings closer to 50 or so. The sky will again display varying amounts of clouds and sunshine on Tuesday with mainly sunny weather on Wednesday until high cloudiness arrives later in the afternoon.

may2pattern Warmer Next WeekendA surge of heat into the Plains States will shift east and northeastward across the nation this week. It was a sizzling 102 degrees in Wichita, KS yesterday and that is the hottest May day ever on record there! It will not be quite that scorching but hot enough over the east by the middle to end of the week. With the projected pattern of steering currents, it is unlikely that New England will turn hot this time around. In fact, before the warmth nears, a warm frontal boundary will set up just to the southwest of the region and some batches of rain may transit through the cooler air over the Northeast. Consequently, it could be quite raw and periodically wet on Thursday and Friday. Once a wave of low pressure pushes through the region Friday night and early Saturday with its showery rains, warmer air is destined to flow in later Saturday and especially on Sunday, Mother’s Day. Plan on some lower to middle 70s except cooler 56-63 on Cape Cod.

By the way, it’s less than a month to the beginning of meteorological summer and that makes most people quite happy. The preliminary outlook for the summer is leaning toward cooler than average conditions thanks to a number of factors such as the pool of warm water over the Gulf of Alaska and the developing El Nino.  The projected pattern should favor more frequent intrusions of refreshing air from Canada. While I expect many hot and humid days this summer, this setup suggests that there will be a lower chance of extended heat waves. Last July, we had 5 consecutive days over 90 early in the month followed by 7 consecutive days over 90 in the middle of that month! Whew!

Todd Gutner delivers the latest forecast on WBZ News this morning and at noon and Eric Fisher will follow on the evening newscasts.

Make it a great week!


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