HUDSON (CBS) – A street sweeper crashed into a house in Hudson Monday morning.

It happened around 7 a.m. on Tower Street.

Authorities told WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton the driver was on a hill when he lost power and the vehicle started to roll back down the hill.

The sweeper ran through a white picket fence and into the front porch of the home.

No one in the house was hurt. The home suffered extensive damage.

“He hit the truck, went through the fence, hit the porch and up the stairway,” Hudson Police Chief David Stephens said. The family was home inside the house when they heard the loud crash.

“It scared us for a moment. I heard a huge noise and I didn’t know what it was,” home owner Wagner Calhau said.

The driver had a minor hand injury.

A pickup truck was damaged as well.

Authorities say the street sweeper had not been inspected in ten years. The owner of the sweeper has been cited for not having the vehicle inspected.

The street sweeper had been hired by a private contractor.

“You can see the machine is not in good condition. It really could’ve killed someone,” Calhau said.




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