BOSTON (CBS) – Before the series even began everyone, including the team itself, said the Bruins needed to exercise discipline against their rival the Montreal Canadiens.

Through the first two games of the series they have been anything but disciplined, and 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger & Massarotti program discussed this development to open the show on Monday as well as some general thoughts following the game.

“It’s hard to not to believe in their balls, their ability to sort of hang in there and keep coming even when things look their bleakest,” said Mazz who turned the game off after the Habs went up 3-1.

“I know I wasn’t alone because I talked to people that night who said that they did the same thing. People were pissed off and frustrated, as were the Bruins at the time, and I give them all the credit in the world for hanging in there and coming back. But I still think that there are bigger problems lingering.

“You gotta stay out of the box! Montreal has seven goals in this series and four of them have come on the power play,” said Mazz.

Mazz is right in that the Canadiens’ effectiveness on the power plays speaks to a larger issue for the Bruins, like, “If you know they’re so good with the man advantage, why are you committing stupid penalties?

Lack of discipline has cost the Bruins thus far, and fans should be lucky to have the series tied at one game apiece.

“The Bruins are back where they’ve always been with Montreal. … They’ve been undisciplined since the opening faceoff. I can’t believe it. I thought they’d be smarter than this. I thought they would have grown out of this thing.

“They’re handling it so poorly from Claude Julien on down. The Bruins have deserved most of the penalties they’ve gotten. You should expect these penalties. You should expect to lose the officiating game against the Montreal Canadiens. What? You’re new to this? It’s the way it’s always been!” said Felger.

Listen below for the full discussion:



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