By Katie Brace, WBZ-TVBy Katie Brace

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A couple of friends are now even closer after one helped deliver the other’s baby in a bathroom late last week.

Sarah Bachi and Karen Lehmann both teach foreign language at Marshfield High School.

On Friday, Bachi was not feeling well. Despite her protest that she was fine, Lehmann followed her home to Plymouth.

“Thank God for friends who don’t listen to you and know what’s best for you,” Bachi said Sunday.

On the way home, Bachi picked-up her toddler from day care, and that’s when her water broke.

“I still didn’t think it was real. I still thought I’m going to the hospital,” said Bachi.

“And, I believed you,” Lehmann responded.

Bachi said she was not immediately worried, especially since she spent two days in labor before her toddler-aged daughter was born.

“I thought I had at least 10 to 12 hours or so to go,” said Bachi.

It turned out, she only had about ten minutes. Bachi made it home, went into the bathroom, and the baby decided it was time.

“She yells out, ‘Karen, I think the baby is coming now. You better call 911,'” Lehmann explained.

“I could feel the head at that point,” said Bachi.

Lehmann said all she had to do was catch.

“He came right out… wasn’t wasting any time,” said Lehmann.

“The fact he was breathing, it was good. It wasn’t scary,” said Bachi.

Paramedics took mom and a healthy, 7 lb. 11 oz. baby boy that she and her husband named Eric, to the hospital.

Lehmann, by the way, has experienced plenty of adrenaline rushes in her life.

She won a bronze medal in speed skating in the 1994 Winter Olympics.

She said she rarely talks about the medal, but is definitely going to be telling everyone how she was there for the birth of her friend’s son.


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