FRANKLIN (CBS)- Naomi Johnson of Franklin has never spoken a word.

The 13-year-old was born with a neuro-developmental disorder called Rett Syndrome, which prevents this incredibly energetic bundle of joy from communicating.

“You mostly try and guess what she is thinking,” Michelle Johnson, Naomi’s mother says.

She needs help with every part of her life, including getting dressed, brushing her teeth and putting on her shoes.

The Johnsons thought their daughter would have to battle for her entire life, but that may soon change thanks to their new guardian angel.

“Her story makes me melt and I just love this family,” Linda Ledoux said.

Ledouz is with Guardian Angel Motor Sports, a non-profit that helps kids with special needs child.

Linda is putting her pedal to the metal to help Naomi have a better quality of life. Her foundation is hosting a private car racing fundraiser on May 31 to help buy Naomi a high tech communication device called the Tobii.

“If you can’t communicate in any way, this will allow a user to speak,” Alec Newman of Tobii Assitive Technology explained.

The device is exactly what Naomi needs.

“It would open up her world better quality of life and since of independence,” Johnson said.

The problem is that the tablet cost $18,000. Ledouz says Guardian Angel Motor Sports is determined to raise the fund so Naomi can have voice.

“These people are a part of my family,” she said.

Michelle Johnson couldn’t be happier.

“Linda is my guardian angel and we couldn’t do it without her. I love Guardian Angel Motor Sports. We are indebted to them forever,” Johnson said.

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