BOSTON (CBS) — With a full five-hour show on Wednesday night, Adam Jones and Rich Keefe did something a little different on “Game of Jones.”

Keefe welcomed a new game, “Would You Rather,” into the rotation the latest installment. Here are the topics he threw at Jones:

– Would you rather have Jared Sullinger and the Celtics’ two first-round picks this year or Kevin Love?

“I know this is a rocky start here to ‘Would You Rather’ Wednesday, but let’s just say it’s the fifth pick, so no Parker, Wiggins or Embiid, the three I would really want. I say you trade the two picks and Sullinger for Kevin Love, the sure thing,” said Jones. “If you have the number-one pick, that’s a different story. But the lottery pick where it’s projected to go and the 17th pick from Brooklyn, I’d rather have Love and pair him with Rondo.

“If you’re not getting a top three pick, I’m very oipen to trading it, especially if you’re getting a player like Love in return.”

– It’s the eigth inning and the Red Sox are protecting a one-run lead. Would you rather send Edward Mujica or Junichi Tazawa to the mound?

– For the Bruins, would you rather face Carey Price or Peter Budaj in net?

– You’re Chicago, would you rather face Colorado or Minnesota?

– Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock?


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