BOSTON (CBS) – Some of our neighbors to the north are none too pleased with the Felger & Massarotti show this week leading up to Bruins-Canadiens.

Let’s not mince words here: We hate them and they hate us.

With one day to go before the start of games it’s time to embrace the hate, strap on our seat belts and enjoy the ride for what will surely be an entertaining, and at times ugly series.

This one will get ugly — no doubt about it.

And for all things ugly, you should see Michael Felger’s inbox.

Angry Canadiens fans are flooding his email account with hate speech in defending their team and taking Felger to task for his negative views on the Habs. The only problem is many of the emails are in French, and the ones that are written in English are difficult to read.

Thankfully, there’s Google Translator for times like these.

Listen below to the full discussion:



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