By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

NASHUA, NH (CBS) – Sunday’s magazine cover in the Nashua Telegraph was supposed to spark interest in a feature story about 25 of the area’s extraordinary women.

Instead it stepped right into a sexy, stiletto-clad controversy.

Nashua Telegraph Sunday Magazine cover from April 2014. (Nashua Telegraph)

Nashua Telegraph Sunday Magazine cover from April 2014. (Nashua Telegraph)

“Well the cover shot was an attempt to show a woman climbing the stairway to success,” said Phil Kincade, executive editor of the newspaper.

Kincade says it was a team of women who came up with the cover shot and the response to the photo has been mostly negative.

“If we look back on it…second thoughts perhaps the shoes were not the most appropriate shoe for that cover,” said Kincade.

Many chimed in on social media.

“This mag cover was disappointing. Lacks professionalism & diversity” said one person on Twitter.

On Facebook, comments included…”more than a little tacky” and “Totally sexist.”

New Hampshire State Senator Peggy Gilmour is one of the 25 featured women in the article.

“I looked at and said ‘ooh I loved the shoes I wish I could wear them,’” Gilmour said.

She says she wasn’t offended, but says another photo might have been more appropriate.

“I don’t think that either the shoes nor the shapeliness of her legs was probably representative of the 25 women that were honored,” said Gilmour.

Carol Furlong, Vice President of Harbor Homes, who’s also profiled in the article, says she’s not bothered by the cover and says women can be successful in any pair of shoes.

“It doesn’t matter whether they’re high heels or flats, sneakers or work boots,” said Furlong. “The question is what can we accomplish and how can we impact on the community.”

The newspaper says it has no regrets but acknowledges the cover shot might have been a mistake.


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