Who doesn’t enjoy a little trivia on a Sunday?? This morning’s questions featured on WBZ-TV were tough ones…and involved opposite ends of the weather spectrum.  Take a guess & see how you do!

On this date in 1988, how much snow had Mount Washington received so far for the month of April?

a. 50”

b. 70”

c. 90”

d. 110”

The answer? C. (technically 89.9”)  This pushed their monthly snowfall total past the previous record of 89.3” set back 1975.  During the last 3 days of April in 1988, the mountain picked up another 21”…bumping their total snow to 110.9”!  That’s over 9 feet of snow! Impressive.

More recently, in 2011…April was a historic month in terms of severe weather.

On this date in 2011, how many tornadoes touched down across the country?

a. 88

b. 128

c. 158

d. 198

The answer? D.  Multiple records were broken including the greatest number of tornadoes in a single month and the greatest daily total.  Unfortunately, 2011 also went down as the 4th deadliest tornado year in U.S. history.   Click here for more detailed information from NOAA on the 2011 severe weather season.

Fast forward to today – and severe storms will steal the weather headlines again.  Strong tornadoes, large hail and damaging wind are likely from the Plains east through the Mississippi Valley.

Storm Prediction Center Tornado Outlook





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