By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) — A week from Saturday, one horse with New England flair will run for the roses at the Kentucky Derby and raise money for the One Fund.

Coming down the stretch he’s a wicked awesome sight to behold so that’s probably how he ended up with the name.

“We wanted a forceful name something exciting,” said Donald Little Jr.

Which is why race horse owner Little named this 1,200 pound thoroughbred race horse “Wicked Strong.”

“Right after we had the tragedy of the Boston Marathon instantly I thought of Boston Strong but had been taken by another stable in New Hampshire,” Little said.

But Wicked Awesome, which also has a very strong New England tone to it was born.

Little who runs Centennial Farms in Ipswich is very proud of all of his horses but Wicked Strong training in Belmont Park in NY is something special.

If Wicked Strong wins at the Kentucky Derby, Centennial Farms says they’ll donate nearly $70,000 to the One Fund.

“Especally with his name being Wicked Strong and after the tragedy last year, I along with all of the owners felt we need to give back.,” Little said.

And Wicked Strong is already coming off a big win at the Wood Memorial in which Centennial Farms already donated $7,000 to the One Fund. Now Wicked Strong is ranked fourth in the Kentucky Derby.

“This is the first horse we’ve had in the Kentucky Derby, so it’s very exciting. It’s what you dream about. It’s like being an owner of a professional sports team and we are going to the playoffs. He’s going against 20 other horses but its special moment,” Little said.





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