BOSTON (CBS) —Two men are accused of kicking and beating a homeless man until a passerby shielded the victim’s body with her own.

Craig Parsons, 22, of West Newton and Anthony Varrichione, 23, of Medway faced a judge Wednesday after a two-month grand jury investigation identified them as the attackers. Both are charged with aggravated assault and battery and aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Parsons is also charged with violating the state’s witness intimidation statute.

The attack happened January 26, in Allston. The victim, then 50, was a homeless man panhandling for spare change in the area of 74 Allston St. at about 2 a.m. After a verbal altercation in which the victim was told to go away, Parsons andVarrichione allegedly approached him and began punching and kicking him. Parsons also allegedly knocked the victim’s head into the sidewalk.

A woman who witnessed a portion of the attack ran to the victim’s aid, shielding him from the assailants until they left, and then holding his head to ensure he could breathe.

Other witnesses called 911 and the victim was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in critical condition. He is expected to survive but has no memory of the assault.

Both Parsons and Varrichione are due to return to court on June 4.




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