BOSTON (CBS) – A new poll out of Western New England University was released this week, and showed Martha Coakley with a huge lead over Charlie Baker in the race to be Massachusetts’s next Governor. Meanwhile, a poll of the 6th District conducted by the Democratic Party showed incumbent Representative John Tierney ahead by a comfortable margin, despite the belief that he would be fighting through a tough primary race after narrowly holding onto his seat in 2012. But what is the motivation behind releasing polls this early in the process? Do you think some polls are created in an effort to mold and shape potential voters’ opinions? Does it corrupt the process to be tracking the numbers this early? Marisa DeFranco is running against Rep. Tierney in the primary, and she joins NightSide to talk about polls and the potential harm they can bring to our electoral process.

Originally broadcast April 11th, 2014.

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