BOSTON (CBS) – Adolfo was out at the TD Garden Sunday interviewing people after the Bruins were able to even the series at one game apiece following a big 4-1 win over Detroit.

With Boston sports teams having played in so many big games over the years, Adolfo hits the streets a ton and can no longer go anywhere unnoticed. This became quite evident standing outside the Garden as fans trickled out of the arena and made their way right to him.

One (clearly intoxicated) group of fans kept yelling “ADOLFOOOOO!” and “TOUCHERRRR AND RICHHHHH!”

After they got that out of their system, it was on to the interview.

Adolfo had one fan off to the side and began asking him about the game when one guy kept calling Fred out for being late to work, adding, “Fred’s a dirty slob that can’t get to work on time.”

The questions were pretty standard and the answers were just as you’d expect:

“F*** Detroit” was said a bunch of times as well as a fair share of jabs toward the Motor City itself.

“Detroit’s been downhill since [Henry] Ford died.”

“Detroit is bankrupt.”

“We want the Cup! Fred Toucher shows up at 6am!”

“I’ve been late twice this year! My goodness,” said Fred in disbelief.

Another interview subject sounded like Tom Araya of Slayer after he jept saying, “[insert topic here] IS AWEEEESOMEEEE!”

Listen to the full segment and all its hilarity here:

After the recap the guys talked more in depth about this guy Rich saw before Game 2:

Rich put out an APB on “Xanadude” and demands to know more information. Tweet the show @Toucherandrich if you know of his whereabouts and/or identity.



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