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Monday 4/21 – 5:00pm

The-King-of-Queens-LogoThe King of Queens
“Fatty McButterpants”
Doug gets mad when he finds out Carrie has been buying him clothes from the “Big and Tall” shop. He realizes he might have a bit of a weight problem.

Carrie: I guess it wouldn’t kill me if you lose a little weight.
Doug: Ah-ha! How much weight would it ‘not kill ya’ for me to lose?
Carrie: I don’t know… fifty pounds?
Doug: Fifty!?



Tuesday 4/22 – 6:00pm

Two-and-a-Half-Men-Logo-100x100Two and a Half Men
“She’ll Still Be Dead at Halftime”
Charlie needs Alan and Jake’s help to get rid of his ex-girlfriend who passes out in his bedroom before his girlfriend gets home.

Jake: You might want to hang back a sec. I just ripped off an air biscuit.
Chelsea: What?
Jake: I farted. Sorry, I get the fancy words from my dad.



Wednesday 4/23 – 10:30pm

“The Pie”
Jerry can’t believe that his girlfriend won’t share a piece of pie with him. Meanwhile, Elaine obsesses over a store mannequin that resembles her.

Jerry: A chef who doesn’t wash is like a cop who steals. It’s a cry for help. He wants to get caught.



Thursday 4/24 – 7:00pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Weekend Vortex”
Sheldon chooses to stay for an all guy’s 48-hour gaming weekend instead of going with Amy to her aunt’s birthday party.

Amy: Sheldon, my relatives are going to want to talk to you and you’re going to be sitting there playing a game? Isn’t that a little rude?
Sheldon: Oh, I got that covered. Headset. I won’t hear a word the old geezers are saying.



Friday 4/25 – 5:00pm

The-King-of-Queens-LogoThe King of Queens
“Strike Out”
Doug and Deacon start playing practical jokes on people while their company is on strike. Arthur joins in, but is left alone when the strike is over.

Carrie: Dad, you can’t just come in here. I’m in my bra.
Arthur: Settle down, I’ve seen better.



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