BOSTON (CBS) – Felger and Mazz kicked off the show live from the Ace Ticket Studios in Kenmore Square by breaking down the Bruins-Red Wings games from over the weekend. They discussed an impressive performance by the Bruins in Game 2 and whether the momentum can carry over to the games in Detroit. They also explored another pair of controversial replays in the Red Sox-Orioles games over the past couple days which had Marc Bertrand giving up on the idea of replay in baseball.

In hour two of the show, the guys examined the cheap shot by Milan Lucic in Game 1, as well as Claude Julien’s response to the hit. Should Lucic have been disciplined more? They also reacted to the Red Sox loss to the Orioles Monday afternoon and a costly base-running blunder by Xander Bogaerts that could have cost the Sox a chance at tying the game.

In hour three of the program, the guys continued to discuss both the Red Sox and Bruins. They also took a look back at the confrontation between Zdeno Chara and Brendan Smith during Game 2. Was that a turning point for the Bruins win? The boys also examined the recent struggles of Clay Buchholz and another up-and-down Red Sox series.

In the fourth and final hour, the guys turned their focus back to the Bruins. How will the Bruins fare during two games in Detroit? Should there be any second guessing of the way Claude Julien handled the lines in both games? And what players stepped up in the series. Finally, the Final Word with Marc Bertrand featured the Beetle in a rant on MLB replay.


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