WATERTOWN (CBS) – A blood drive was held in Watertown Saturday in honor of MBTA police Officer Dic Donohue.

Donohue was shot during the manhunt for bombing suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and lost almost all of his blood but he was rushed to Mount Auburn hospital and doctors were able to save him.

He was at the blood drive held at Watertown High School to thank everyone who donated blood. He said donors will be helping someone they’ll never know.

Looking back on that night when he nearly lost his life, Donohue said he tries to reflect on the many people who together saved him.

“You know something bad happened to me but so much good happened afterward,” Donohue said. “Whether it be my partner taking me to the ground or guys dragging me to safety, starting CPR, getting oxygen, throwing me in an ambulance.”

“Just the ambulance coming in the line of fire and taking me to Mount Auburn hospital  — without each and every one of those small, good positive acts, courageous acts, I wouldn’t be here today.”

He said he is standing strong today due to the help he received a year ago.

The blood drive collected 152 units of blood.



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