BOSTON (CBS) — The NBA regular season is over, and the playoffs are still a few days away.

So Rich Keefe decided puts his own spin on the NBA awards in Thursday night’s edition of Keefer Madness.

Here are the 2014 winners of “The Keefer Madness NBA Awards”:

The Ben Wallace Award

Awarded to the worst free throw shooter in league: Detroit’s Andre Drummond, who shot 41.8% from the charity stripe this season.

The “What Is Wrong With Me Today” Award

In honor of The Office’s Michael Scott, this is given to the player with the worst field goal percentage: Detroit’s Brandon Jennings, who shot 37.3% from the floor this season.

The “Big O” Award

Player with the most triple doubles this season: Indiana’s Lance Stevenson, who recorded five triple doubles.

The Yinka Dare Award

Named after a man who had just four career assists in 110 games, this is given to the  player with the fewest assists: Bismack Biyombo of the Bobcats, who had just eight total assists in 77 games.

The Billy Hoyle Award

The best white player: Minnesota’s Kevin Love, who led the league with 65 double-doubles.

The Arvydas Sabonis Award

Given to the best international player: Phoenix’s Goran Dragic, who averaged 20 points and six rebounds per game.

The LaRue Martin Award

For the worst 1st overall pick: Cleveland’s Anthony Bennett who averaged just four points and three rebounds over 52 games as a rookie.

The “Send It In Jerome” Award

The most dunks this season: Deandre Jordan of the L.A. Clippers, who had 245 dunks in 82 games.

The Ocean’s 11 Award

Given to the player who committed the greatest theft this season: Off the court, it was Boston’s Keith Bogans, who played just six games and 55 minutes while making over $5 million.

That averages out to $91,967.24 for every minute he played this year in the NBA.


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