By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

FITCHBURG (CBS) – The enormous outpouring for Jeremiah Oliver came from even the smallest corners. People drawn to a growing memorial across the street from his home, to stop and reflect on the innocent boy it appears was savagely murdered.

“It’s also the beginning as well as the end of the search,” said Pam Maxwell of Fitchburg. “It’s the beginning of the pain all over again.”

Jeremiah’s uncle Sandrino had led search teams for months but collapsed with a seizure at the news of the discovery and was hospitalized. His son Sandro Oliver says it’s been a grueling wait for closure. “It’s been hard, especially with what’s going on with my father who’s traumatized,” he said. “He’ll never be back to normal.”

Candles were lit where the boy was last seen months ago with no reports he was missing, a case that forced the state to review and reform its child welfare agency.

Miguel Fleitas says he formed a search team of his own and spent hundreds of hours looking for Jeremiah and was prepared for a devastating outcome. “The fact that a little boy is out there that needs closure and needs to be brought back to have a proper burial. I knew I was looking for a body,” said Fleitas.

The prayers have been for answers with so many hoping it wouldn’t end like this. “I would have thought he was alive somewhere. I was hoping, but that didn’t happen,” said Sandro Oliver.



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