BOSTON (CBS) – With the Celtics season coming to a close Wednesday night, there’ll be a spring and summer full of Keefer Madni (Keefer Madness, plural), but Rich Keefe got us all off on the right foot Tuesday night with this latest installment.

For the first time ever, the NFL is holding its draft in the month of May. This is good news for NFL personnel people and executives, who now have more time than ever before to prepare for the draft and be able to focus their energies more on free agency.

But for fans of the sport it’s been a real drag. More time in between the start of free agency and the draft means the NFL Network and everywhere else has more shows to fill, more talk radio slots to fill and more analysis in general. This has led to some very silly speculation and discussion.

So silly, in fact, that NFL coaches are comparing draft prospects to fictional characters in football movies.

If you remember, Willie Beaman is Jamie Foxx’s character in Any Given Sunday (1999). He was the Miami Sharks’ third team quarterback, but after a string of injuries to Dennis Quaid and some other guy, the desperate Sharks called upon Beaman to lead the team, which he did.

Beaman made the most of his situation, leading the Sharks to a number of victories and even signing a lucrative deal with the expansion New Mexico Aztecs.

He even starred in a music video (NSFW):

Rich Keefe breaks down the numbers and according to the tale of the tape, the two quarterbacks are nothing alike.

Teddy Bridgewater is six foot two. Beaman? Five foot nine.

Bridgewater is a projected first round pick, whereas Beaman was taken out of Houston in the seventh, “So take THAT Tom Brady,” joked Keefe.

“I don’t know that I really buy the comparison between Bridgewater and Beaman,” said Keefe in closing.

Listen below for the full Madness:


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