By Mary Blake, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) — “Today is day 94, tomorrow will be 95 days, and  I feel like I’ve been the Mayor for about three years now,” joked Marty Walsh.   He was beginning  what was to become a 13 hour-plus day.

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Mary Blake reports

His first event was a stop at the Citi Performing Arts Center in Boston, to address  the non-profit community. The Highland Street Foundation had organized a breakfast forum.  Mayor Walsh  listened as “Fenway Out of the Park” was introduced. Fenway Out of the Park is a collaboration  between the city, the Highland Street Foundation, and the Boston Red Sox. It will mean ‘away’ Fenway games will be broadcast at inner city parks this summer.

Walsh addressed the idea of  collaboration repeatedly over the course of the day. “In politics, people hold grudges.  You need to let it go.  From the Kevin White race, you still have people not talking to each other, and Kevin White passed away, and they’re still not talking,” he remarked as the audience laughed.  

From the question and answer session at the Citi Center, it was on to City Hall, where he presented his first budget proposal to members of the City Council.  

Councilor-at-large Michael Flaherty was cautiously optimistic about the $2.7 billion spending plan. “The devil is in the details and it’s now the Council’s turn to go to work,” Flaherty said.  

Flaherty and Walsh also chatted outside Walsh’s office, where inside, the Red Sox jersey he wore when he threw out the first pitch at the Red Sox home opener was draped over his  chair.  Flaherty pointed to  a framed portrait of members of the 2013 Massachusetts Legislature. Walsh showed Flaherty where his father once sat,  and Walsh pointed out his own former seat.


Walsh at a South End restaurant ribbon cutting last Wednesday (WBZ-TV)

Walsh at a South End restaurant ribbon cutting last Wednesday (WBZ-TV)


During the preliminary campaign, Walsh had said he probably would have an “oh wow” moment  if he got elected. He  said  it actually  happened on his second day in office.  “The first day, I went into the office , my mother and my brother , everyone had been in, sitting in the chair.  I saw all these pictures, so they all sat in the chair before I did.  The second day, when it was  just a regular work day for me, I sat back and I  looked out the window and I looked over Faneuil Hall, and  it was kind of like , wow. Yeah,” he recalled.

Mayor Walsh was also cognizant of the date of his 100th day in office.  “April 15th, 2014, is  all about remembrance and reflection, thinking about those who lost their lives and those who survived  the Boston Marathon bombings and keeping them in our prayers.” He said losing the two Boston firefighters in the Back Bay fire,  the Boston Marathon Bombing anniversary, and the death of a young boy allegedly at the hands of his brother, have been his toughest  days.

Mayor Walsh also acknowledged that he has  been incredibly busy. “We’re probably averaging 12- to-14 hours a day, no less than 12,” he said.  

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Mary Blake reports

Walsh, during this traditional honeymoon period, has been recognized across  the board for his efforts. Councilor  Charles Yancey, in his 31st year at City Hall,  is dean of the Boston City Council.”I think that he’s been working very hard and he certainly comes to City Hall with a great deal of energy,” Yancey said.

Michelle Wu is on the other end of the spectrum.  She has been in office for three months.  “He’s been great. He’s been very collaborative and very, very open to new ideas and working together,” she said.  

Orianna Ferguson is a high school senior who lives in Uphams Corner.  “He’s new, so I’m still getting used to him.” she said, “I like that he’s getting involved.”  

Doug Warner, with King’s,  had the Mayor sign a bowling ball at a South End ribbon cutting event. “So far, so good,” said Warner. “One hundred days in, it’s tough to say, but so far, no missteps.  He’s great for our city,” said Warner.

Joe Spaulding, CEO of the Citi Performing Arts Center agreed with Warner.  “One hundred days goes by like bingo, bango. I think he’s gone out and has made a real effort to meet with lots of different people and hear lots of different views, and that’s really terrific,” said Spaulding.



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