BOSTON (CBS) — For the second time in 10 days, the Boston Celtics fell to the lowly Philadelphia 76ers.

But with¬†that loss, they slightly improved their ground at the bottom of the NBA standings. The Celtics now hold sole possession of the fifth worst record in the league with one game remaining in the season, which would give them a 29.1 percent chance at a top three pick and an 8.8 percent chance at the top overall pick in June’s draft.

Recap: Carter-Williams Leads 76ers Over Celtics, 113-108

The Celtics can assure themselves no worse than the fifth worst record with a loss to the Washington Wizards in their season finale in Boston on Wednesday night. The Wizards could use a win as they are jockeying for playoff position and could move up to the six-seed in the Eastern Conference.

So fans should be rooting for a loss on Wednesday night, but at least they’ll see one Celtics player receive the annual Red Auerbach award during a pre-game ceremony.

The Utah Jazz, currently the fourth-worst team in the NBA, finish the season by paying a visit to the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Lakers, who are a game behind the Celtics in the lottery race, visit the San Antonio Spurs in their regular season finale on Wednesday.

View: NBA Standings

The Celtics could finish the season in a tie for the fourth worst record with the Jazz or in a tie for fifth with the Lakers.  Should that happen the two teams would split the lottery probability for those two spots, with one extra combination awarded to the team that wins a random drawing. The team that wins the random drawing would also pick first should neither team end up with a top-three pick.

The NBA Draft lottery will be held on May 20.


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