BOSTON (CBS) – At the National Golf Expo, PGA Golf Professional Jim Hackenberg took some time to talk with Hardy about his golf training tool, the Orange Whip.

He explained that, “What we have is basically a balance and tempo trainer. By swinging the Orange Whip back and forth, because of it’s unique design, you’re going to improve your balance and you’re going to improve your rhythm. Because of the way it’s weighted it’s going to stretch you out. It’s a great core muscle workout, but it’s also going to give a person the feeling of what Ernie Els looks like.”

The Orange Whip looks like a standard golf club, but at the end of it there’s a weighted orange ball where the head would be. It’s heavier than a normal club, and there’s quite a bit more flex in the shaft of it. It’s an improved version of the old fashioned donut idea.

Hackenberg said that he got the idea from watching PGA Golfers, and noticing that their swings had something in common. Their motion didn’t appear as though they were swinging a golf club, but rather a chain with a ball on the end of it.

He caddied for Patrick Moore on the PGA Tour, a golfer that was the leading money winner on the Golf Tour in 2002.

When asked if any of the top money winners on today’s PGA Tour use an Orange Whip, Hackenberg replied coyly that “47 of the top 125 money winners use one, that we know of.”

There are roughly 280 professional golfers currently using the Orange Whip, and none of them are endorsed to do so. All of these golfers use it because they like the product.

Even cooler than that perhaps, Hackenberg took the name came right out of the Blues Brothers movie.

Listen below for the full interview:


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