BOSTON (CBS) – Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has lashed out at Washington, D.C., politicians for what he sees as an insensitive affront to survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Menino said a flurry of Beltway reports and hearings coinciding with the upcoming anniversary of the attack has politicians putting posturing and headlines ahead of genuine empathy for survivors. “That’s all about serving a political person’s ego,” he said “That should not happen.”

“If Washington really cared about these folks, they’d send money,” Menino said. “But you know what it is? It’s all about their egos, getting their names in the paper, and making them look good for the shortcomings they have in Washington.”

“The survivors have gone through a hell of a year, and to have this all over the newspapers for three or four days just wears on them. Let’s get beyond this,” the former mayor added.

Menino remarked how impressed he is by the strength of survivors. “I couldn’t believe how strong they were, how resilient they were,” he said. “I’ve been with them several times in the past year and they’re very special people.”

On a personal note, a month into his treatments for cancer, Menino said he’s encouraged by early progress in his battle with the disease. He added that he’s been moved by the outpouring of support, including a personal note from former President George W. Bush, a phone call from former Vice President Al Gore and more than 100 emails from people suggesting alternative cancer treatments, including yoga.

While he appreciates the support, Menino wasn’t too keen on the yoga suggestion.

“Can you imagine me doing yoga?” he said. “My God, no way, no. I’m doing my exercises but not yoga.”

Watch Jon Keller’s full interview with former Mayor Thomas Menino this Sunday morning at 8:30 on WBZ news.


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