By Katie Brace

DERRY, NH (CBS) – A rabies scare has Derry, New Hampshire residents on high alert. A potentially rabid fox attacked a little girl as she went down the slide at a Derry playground and officers went on the hunt to make sure the fox did not attack again.

“This fox was right there and grabbed her on the ankle, a couple of adults that were supervising the children came over and stomped on this animal,” said Derry Police Captain Vern Thomas.

The five-year old girl was rushed to the hospital; the second victim in two days of what officers believe is a rabid fox. The attack happened late Thursday afternoon at popular Don Ball Park.

The fox first went after a nine-year-old boy Wednesday on Schurman Drive which is not far from the park. A family who lives on the same street says the boy’s mother called to warn them. “She called us immediately to make sure the kids were in the house,” said Deb Zbieg.

The child was playing in the backyard when the fox chased him into the house. He was fortunately not injured.

“We were aware this animal could possibly be rabid,” Captain Thomas said.

A local school even kept their students inside over concerns about the animal. After the attack at the park, officers evacuated the area and searched. They found the fox nearby and killed it.

Derry Police also say they shot a raccoon that was acting strange. The fox will be sent to a lab for rabies testing.


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