BOSTON (CBS) – A huge part of this year’s Boston Marathon will be honoring those who lost their lives. Krystle Campbell was standing on Boylston watching the race with a good friend when the first bomb went off.

One family says when they heard Krystle Campbell’s story; they knew immediately where they’d be this marathon Monday.

They are a team with more than a shoestring connection. Through blood, through marriage, they’re a family rallying around a last name: “Campbell.”

“We as a family are somehow connected only maybe in name but we are connected to Krystle,” Bill Campbell said.

Bill Campbell is not related to Krystle Campbell. But there’s a bond. His uncle, Richard Campbell, also unrelated to Krystle, is the UMass trustee who last fall commissioned and then presented to Krystle’s parents a great painting of her. It hangs at UMass Boston where Krystle once studied. Richard, like Krystle, grew up in Medford.

Bill said, “Shortly after the marathon he was like ‘look how about we get a group of the family together to run for Krystle and run for the scholarship?’ And I think there was probably seven or eight of us that all jumped on the email and said ‘absolutely.’”

“She was there cheering on the runners of the marathon,” Melanie Campbell said. “It really could have been anybody and it’s not fair to take her life away.”

So, Bill Campbell, his cousin Melanie Campbell, and the rest of this family, joined the “Run for Krystle” team.

They will run the marathon to raise money for a scholarship in Krystle’s name at UMass.

For years to come, the scholarship will carry along the story of a young woman known for her work ethic and smile.

Last May, UMass Boston awarded Krystle a posthumous degree. The Krsytle Campbell scholarship will look to advance the careers of young women.



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