BOSTON (CBS) — A sea of Patriots’ fans got upset with former New England linebacker Brandon Spikes on Wednesday, and Michael Felger has a message for them.

Grow up.

Spikes, who recently signed with the division rival Buffalo Bills had a few interesting Tweets about his former team on Wednesday. He said he can’t wait to beat the Patriots twice during the regular season, and added that his time in New England was like “4 years a slave.”

The latter upset many, but Felger found it pretty funny.

“This has everyone up in arms?” questioned Felger. “Who knows what it’s about; was it because he couldn’t speak here? If he had fun on Twitter here he would have gotten scolded? Does it mean when he was on defense he was in a constrictive system and had to do certain things and couldn’t play the way he wanted to play. Was it the offseason where he couldn’t do the things he can do with the Bills already? Who knows? Why would we be offended by that?”

“It was a joke. It was a movie,” said Felger. “Know what people, get a life. Get a sense of humor. Please, for the love of god.”

Felger was even more fired up with the Patriots fans who took exception to Spikes’ trash talk, especially those who brought race into the equation.

“Awww, he said he’s going to beat you twice Patriots fans, and they just can’t handle that or have fun with that?” he continued. “Beetle has shown me some of the back-and-forth and some of you losers are now going to get all racial with him because he said he’s going to beat you. You child. You can’t handle a little fun back-and-forth saying it’s going to be fun beating the Patriots twice a year?”

“You freaking children. That’s why I have no use for Twitter,” Felger said. “What a sandbox.”

“That’s mild to say ‘I look forward to beating [the Patriots] twice,'” said Felger. “I’m with Brandon Spikes today. You freaking children, would you grow up?”

“Patriots fans, sometimes you just suck. You really do. You can’t handle that?”

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