MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Two drivers with young children in their vehicles were involved in a violent road rage incident on Tuesday morning, Manchester, New Hampshire police said.

Around 7:40 a.m., a Manchester police officer witnessed the two vehicles come to a stop on Brown Avenue. Keith Hoyt, 46, of Goffstown, New Hampshire allegedly got out of his truck, walked up to the car in front, opened the door and started punching the other driver.

That driver managed to get out of the car and fight back before the officer was able to separate the two men.

The officer says both drivers claimed the other was the aggressor in a road rage incident that led up to the alleged assault.

Police say neither driver was injured.

Hoyt was arrested and charged with simple assault. It was not clear what happened to the child who was in Hoyt’s car. The other driver was identified because he was not charged with any crime.



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