By Katie Brace

LYNN (CBS) – A Lynn woman is thanking her husband and police for saving her life. She had a severe asthma attack and stopped breathing. That’s when her husband jumped into action and used his training to rescue her.

“I knew she had died in my arms,” Ken Dexter told WBZ-TV. By all accounts that was true. Dexter’s wife Kim suffers from chronic asthma.

“Her face was blue,” said Officer Ralph Sirois who was one of the first on the scene.

Kim suffered an asthma attack like nothing she had experienced. She is fortunately alive and back at home.

The couple was about to drive to the ER. But that changed when Kim could barely move and went into cardiac arrest.

“I just took his face in my hands and I shook my head no because I had no air left,” Kim Dexter said.

That was Kim’s last memory. Ken remembers everything that happened next. He relied on his nursing training and started CPR. Their teenaged son called 911. Police officers were first to arrive with their rescue gear.

With everyone who helped out that day the officers at Lynn PD and Kim say there is one big hero in the story. When the officers arrived instead of taking over they say Ken was key in keeping Kim alive.

“Ken was actually doing really good chest compressions,” Officer Sirois said.

Ken humbly plays off his quick thinking and life-saving efforts.

“I can’t fathom living without her so losing her that day was horrible,” Ken said. “I knew what to do and I did what I had to do but my mind was just gone.”

He let the officers and EMTs take over. By the time Kim was loaded into the ambulance she was talking.

The couple visited the officers who responded, they say they are thankful for everyone who rushed to save Kim.


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