Matt Kalman of and joined Adam Jones to discuss what’s expected of the Bruins over the final stretch of regular-season games, who their first-round playoff opponent will be, and more.

As for what he would hope to see out of the Bruins in the final stretch of four games, Kalman said that getting Jarome Iginla back on the ice might be number one.

“I want to see Jarome Iginla get a game or two here before this thing’s over,” Kalman said. “Everyone talks about rest and how some of the guys need rest, and I’m sure they’ll rest a couple of guys here or there these last few games, but you don’t want players taking a long time off at this point, either. Especially when they’re playing so well, it’s better to go into the playoffs with some momentum and a hot hand. I know during the season guys take a couple of games off for a minor injury or something and sometimes they find it hard to find their legs and get their hands going again, and you don’t really want to have that be the case come next Thursday, when they’re home for their first playoff game.”

Kalman said it sounds like Iginla’s injury is minor, and that the rest may actually help him, considering he seemed to run out of gas for the Penguins against the Bruins last year in the Eastern Conference finals.

“Maybe this will end up benefiting him, but you have to hope it doesn’t hinder him getting off to a good start,” Kalman said. “He was so hot before he started to sit out these games, you have to hope that he can find that in time to get the start [in the playoffs].”


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